What Does It Mean To Turn Your Life Around?

Does it mean heading in a new direction?

Does it mean changing a lot of things at once? (Or is one small thing at a time enough?)

Does it need to be a total 180? (Or is a 5-degree change in direction enough?)

Maybe it’s a shift in how you see things.

Maybe it’s a realization of past errors and the resolve to not commit those again.

Maybe it’s holding a new intention to live and embody some new ideal that you’ve found.

Maybe it’s a clear goal.

Maybe it’s a vision.

Maybe it’s a way that you’ve been beating yourself up—something you’ve told yourself you should do but feel you can’t because it’s too big and too overwhelming.

Maybe it’s a sincere and heartfelt wish.

Whatever it is, it’s something that is available to all of us.

It doesn’t have to be loud or boisterous or public.

It can be a quiet choice that we make to do things differently, in small ways and big.

It doesn’t have to have all of the answers.

It doesn’t need to have the full picture.

And it doesn’t need a guarantee of success.

All it needs is a new direction to walk in.

One step at a time.